Junior Scholarship Information

American Angus Auxiliary Scholarship

The American Angus Auxiliary scholarships are presented annually. Ten (10) scholarships will be awarded. The total amount awarded will range from $12,000 to $15,000. The exact amount of the first, second, third, fourth and fifth place awards given to both boy and girl qualified applicants will be determined May 1. Scholarships may be defined as financial grants for which no equivalent work is required. Each state Angus Auxiliary is entitled to submit one girl and one boy application for the national scholarships. The two applications must be submitted by the state or regional scholarship chairperson to the American Angus Auxiliary Chairperson. The recipients will be announced at the National Junior Angus Show in July.

Kentucky Juniors must first submit their application to the state chairperson, Judy Rowland by April 15th. The winners of the state contest will be forwarded by the chairperson by May 1st.

Link to download application, guidelines, score sheet: http://www.angusauxiliary.com/scholarships/index.html

Postmark Deadline: 4/15

Mial to:
Judy Rowland
238 Clementsville Rd.
Gamaliel, KY 42140

Contact Judy Rowland:
Phone: (270) 427-0550


June 1, Central Kentucky Angus Association scholarship due